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Pantang Plus


Cover Story


The Traditional Post-Natal Practices
In Asia, confinement is a common practice for post-partum mothers regardless of their races or religions. Although confinement is a traditional practice, many young mothers are practising it because it is scientifically proven as one of the most effective health aftercare, mentally and physically.

While confinement is crucial for new mothers, the channels of getting a trustable confinement therapist are very limited. Some are lucky because of their mother, mother-in-law or aunties can help taking care of them and the baby(s) during the confinement month. A more common way of finding a ‘confinement lady‘ is through mouth-to-mouth recommendations by friends. Some would also opt for confinement centres that provide one-stop postnatal care and baby-care services for new mothers, but the charges are usually very high.

Due to the limited channels, new mothers often get scammed or being charged ridiculously high. This is obviously not good for new mothers because the one thing they should do during confinement is to rest. If they are angry, worried or unhappy during this period, it might affect their recovery.

From Corporate Lady to Confinement Lady
Zamzana, the founder of PantangPlus.com, has been providing traditional Malay post-natal care services since she walked out of the corporates environment. Being a workaholic, she was a spa enthusiast back then as that was her favourite way of releasing her work stress. When her favourite spa spot facing a risk of closing down, with the support of her husband, she quitted her corporate job to take over the spa centre. That was the time she started to learn how to give confinement therapies and eventually became a confinement therapist.

A few years later, Zamzana was approached by a shelter home requesting her to educate its residents about confinement care.

That is a shelter home that protects unwed teen mothers. In our society, they are being discriminated and disaproved by the society due to social stigma. They will fall into the vicious cycle if no one offers help. That will create a lot of social problems. There’s no use of judging and blaming, the only thing that can turn the situation better is to empower them,” said Zamzana.
Becoming a Social Entrepreneur
She provided the pregnant teens with knowledge about confinement care so that they can regain their strengths post-natal. She also taught them how to take care of their newborn babies. Then she came across to a new problem: these teens were drop-outs with little prospects.

They need jobs. The babies are waiting to be fed! This is the real problem.”
Therefore, Zamzana decided to launch PantangPlus so that these teens are empowered with useful skills to become economically independent mobile therapists.

She provides systematic training for the unwed teen mothers and any women who want to pick up the skills, gives assessments to ensure they have mastered all the skills and links them to clients who need confinement services.

A Tech-Twist for Traditional Post-Natal Care
As the business grows, she partnered with a tech guy, who is now the co-founder of PantangPlus, to develop the tech platform to cater to the young and tech-savvy mothers-to-be to book and enjoy the confinement therapies provided by their reliable therapists.

With PantangPlus, new mommies can select the packages or a la carte services they require based on individual health conditions and financial capabilities to enjoy the confinement comfort. The platform offers transparent pricing structures and various packages that reserves the flexibility for all mommies.

For example, you can order the Basic Package that only provides Mothercare Treatment (comprises of various massages, herbal bath, vaginal steam, etc.) if you have family members (mother, aunty or sibling) that can cook and take care of the baby for you. Of course, you can select the Premier Stay-In Package then they will cover everything from A-Z for you.

The therapists can travel anywhere where their clients need them. Hence, mommies from outside of Klang Valley can also book for the services. In the near future, PantangPlus will also explore to serve more customers globally.

Unlike the traditional ways of getting confinement lady, PantangPlus is worry-free and hassle-free. All the therapists are 100% Malay and Muslim, and have undergone systematic training and assessments before they are qualified as a therapist. The bottom line is, if you’re unsatisfied with your therapist, there is a proper channel for you to voice out.

I personally advocate women wellness first and foremost, because a healthy and contented mother is the key to the happiness of the entire family.” —— Zamzana Mohd Arifin


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