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Oretha’s Senior Concierge Services


Cover Story


Nowadays, more young people, especially young married couples, prefer to move out from their parent’s home to start their own family. Some people are also staying apart from their parents to pursue their careers in bigger cities.

“In today’s evolving world we find many families moving abroad either for businesses or future prospects. Those on local soil here live in a fast-paced environment and are unable to provide the care needed for their parents,” shared Oretha, the founder of Oretha’s Senior Concierge.

Oretha’s Senior Concierge is designed to provide a personalized non-medical support system to seniors who want to live independently.

Common issues for seniors who are living alone are hospital appointments, social engagements, marketing for daily needs, or just companionship. In the absence of their families, Oretha’s services step in to ensure that these needs are attended to and looked into. Oretha believes that these possibilities will allow them to live independently and enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life.

When we asked Oretha why would she start this business, she revealed her personal experience to us. Back in 2010, Oretha was accompanying her father at the Seremban Hospital for one of his scheduled cancer checkups. They sat and observed the many seniors getting lost, looking confused as they searched for clinics and pharmacies around the premises.

Since then, the idea of starting a hospital service to assist senior citizens with their appointments sprouted in her mind.

In June 2019, she developed her idea and started the business. Within a week of sharing about her business online, inquiries poured in from prospective clients around KL and abroad. By the second week, she managed to book her first 2 clients.

Although the pandemic has hit her business hardly in the beginning, she managed to bounce back and turn it into new opportunities. “We have many clients that are currently staying abroad book our services to bring their old aged parents for vaccination,” shared Oretha.

Oretha hires freelancers that consist of students, retirees, and homemakers who reach out after seeing her ads. A meet-up will then be scheduled with the applicants, which goes exactly like any other job interview. She’d meet the applicants, get to know them, and brief them on her recurring clients, the job’s SOPs, and objectives.

On the client’s side, they would book Oretha’s service via Whatsapp or email, which can be found on her Facebook page. Upon receiving requests, Oretha makes it a point to always call her clients to get a better understanding of their needs.

“I feel that the first point of contact is very important. When clients hear your voice and when we make the effort to call them, they know we’re genuine,” she said.
Appointment details like its date, time, hospital, the purpose of visit, and client’s home address are recorded. If she is unable to attend to the client by herself, she would arrange a freelancer and would inform the clients in advance that someone else will be assisting them.

Currently, Oretha works on her concierge service full-time.

To sustain the cost of her own living, she sets a target to assist clients for a total of 100 hours in a month. She also keeps business costs low by single-handedly attending to the seniors herself without hiring permanent staff.

In terms of what’s next, she intended to expand their services to other states like Penang and Ipoh by end of this year. At the same time, she hopes that grants or angel investors can join forces with her to reach out to the B40 senior group and provide her services to them for free.

Oretha has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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