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Food delivery is one of the hottest sectors right now for startups. In Malaysia, particularly in the Klang Valley, consumers are spoilt for choices when it comes to food deliveries. We have so many apps to choose from that we probably have several of them downloaded to cross-check prices for the best deal in terms of the overall meal cost. While the competition is huge, there are still opportunities and possibilities as more consumers are quickly moving online to do everything, which includes ordering food.

Packed, food delivery and pickup service, was created to make things easier for street food vendors when it came to food deliveries.

“We noticed that most street food vendors manage their orders via Whatsapp and make payment via cash. Sometimes, when customers change their minds and never show up, the vendors need to bear the loss,” Cha En, the co-founder of Packed, shared the common problems food vendors are facing.

The former auditor quitted his job and started to build Packed with Amirrul, another co-founder. As enthusiasts for street food, the duo are aspired to provide a working solution that can support the business of small and micro food vendors.

In order to be part of Packed delivery services, restaurants are first required to undergo a registration process, which will confirm important things such as their business verification, whether they’ve gone through training in food handling, and if they’ve been medically examined.

Once a vendor is onboard with Packed, he/she will have full access to the vendor’s dashboard. “We allow vendors to take charge of their food business; edit menus from their smartphone, open or close their operation temporarily, enable call reminder notification,” he explained.

With that said, Packed vendors aren’t dependent on the platform itself to update necessary details. They have full autonomy to customise their menu and operating hours from the dashboard, and any updates can be reflected immediately without delay.

“Unlike other larger platforms which may charge up to 30% sales commission, we charge a 5% on sales commission and 3% for online payment processing fee. We’re trying to maintain at a charging rate that would not bring a huge burden to vendors, at the same time enough to fuel the platform for maintenance and further development.”

Packed does not operate its own fleet of delivery riders, and instead outsources deliveries to third-party logistics startups like MrSpeedy and, soon, BungkusIt. Thus for consumers, the delivery fees may be slightly higher than what you’re used to on foodpanda or GrabFood. However, it does offer opportunities for consumers to explore some undiscovered food vendors. Furthermore, consumers can opt for self-pick-up or drive-thru in terms of food collection to avoid delivery fees.

There are around 120 vendors working with Packed, and the team has plans to get more on board by spreading awareness through social media and one-on-one interactions.

“We try not to limit the definition of street food vendors. Therefore, besides the typical “street food”, our vendors also include places like small cafes, boba tea shops, Western-style steakhouses, burger joints, and more,” Amirrul added.

For consumers who appreciate independent street food like the co-founders of Packed, you may consider joining their beta testers group to provide feedback for betterment, at the same time enjoy instant rebates off your meal.

Packed has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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