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MEM Watch


Cover Story


"Have you seen a clock moves anti-clockwise?”

It started with this simple question that popped up among Izham’s friends in university regarding the movement of time and clocks. After some laughter, they moved on to other conversations. But this question remained stuck in Izham’s young mind.

Leaving the discussion, he did more research into the movement of time. He figured out there is no significant reason as to why our timepieces should move in clockwise direction. In fact, in nature, many things move counter-clockwise. If you looked at the Earth from the North Pole, it is moving counter-clockwise.

The possible reason that clocks turn clockwise is that in the northern hemisphere, when ancient civilizations relied on sundials to tell time, the shadows moved across sundials in a clockwise direction. Therefore, when the earliest mechanical timepieces being invented, they were designed to turn the same way the shadows on a sundial do, simply because they were used to it.

If the first mechanical clock had created in the southern hemisphere, the watches and clocks we see today would probably go around counter-clockwise!

Knowing this fact, the 19-years-old Izham decided to make a change. “Not only the earth is moving anti-clockwise, so do our blood circulation. That is why the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) does good things, like eating, with his right hand.” In 2009, he started to delve into the anti-clockwise watches by introducing D.U.C.T.

However, it never sustained long due to the lack of marketing and operation experiences. Later in 2012, he jumped into another company with different partners – Hijra Timepiece. In 2014, Izham left Hijra Timepiece and started MEM Watches, a brand that embraces new ideas and not being afraid of change.

"I noticed that people in first world countries adapt to changes far more easily than us, that’s why they are able to innovate and be richer and richer. We must train ourselves to accept changes or even create differences, so that we are not left behind.”
Thus, he built MEM Watches to remind the wearers to be brave and question the norm. Now, MEM has introduced various series and designs of anti-clockwise watches to match different tastes all the way from the leather strap MEM Classic to more contemporary options like the latest MEM Kazu that uses Japanese Kanji to indicate the time.

Izham wishes that MEM doesn’t only deliver good quality watches to the consumer, but also inspires others to make a difference in this world, and be the change that can impact people in a positive way.

MEM Watches has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Let’s join us at www.zom-in.com/zomin/students/register to participate in upcoming exciting events!


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