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Being a student, one of the biggest challenges of studying away from home is searching for decent accommodation. Although there are many online platforms for properties, majorities of them are only properties directories. You still need to do much research and go through many offline hassles to secure a room.

“The typical room searching takes about two months. Students often have to deal with dodgy agents. If they search last minute, chances are they may have to compromise with higher rentals, bad room conditions or distant locations,” Wen Khai, the co-founder of LiveIn (formerly known as HostelHunting) shared about common problems students are facing while renting a room.

These problems are not new to Wen Khai because he had experienced them personally when he was a student. After graduated, he worked as a hostel operator. He faced new challenges where the available options and platforms to promote the properties he was managing didn’t meet his requirements. “We had to manage viewings and bookings manually using WhatsApp. During peak seasons, usually before new intakes, the large volume of messages was not easy to handle. At times, we might even overlook some messages.”

To tackle all these little issues, Wen Khai and his partners have developed a solution after a few weeks of brainstorming. They decided to start building LiveIn. As its name implies, LiveIn is a platform for students to hunt for a safe and comfortable hostel while studying away from their hometown. To date, it is the first and only room rental website that focused on student accommodation.

LiveIn’s features are built specifically for students who want to rent a room. The platform ensures landlords provide all the necessary information photos, location to amenities and house rules, to help students make their decisions. All the properties listed on the platform are near to universities and colleges. Students can search for rooms based on their campus’ location.

Once students are satisfied with a room or unit, they can book and secure the accommodation by placing a small deposit. So, students need not worry that their rooms will be taken away by other potential tenants. Speaking of which, many middlemen like to play the trick by telling their prospective tenants that other people already booked the unit. To secure the room, the clients need to pay slightly higher than the advertised price.

On LiveIn, these tricks are not condoned. If there are any discrepancies, the student’s deposit is fully refundable. Besides, operators that do not comply with the rules of LiveIn will be removed from the system to ensure the safeness and transparency of the website.

“Since day one, our mission is to create a safe and secure environment for students and a transparent and hassle-free platform for the landlords. To maintain the quality of our listings, we always work closely with reputable owners and operators when we venture to a new area.”

Started humbly from Bandar Sunway, LiveIn has set foot in more areas including Cyberjaya, Bukit Jalil, Sungai Long, Taman Connaught, Kota Damansara and more! In late 2016, it has even started operating in Singapore and Thailand to fulfil more students’ accommodation need.

To provide students with a better room rental experience, LiveIn has introduced the HH+ Renting Solution to benefit both owners and tenants. LiveIn hires community managers to maintain the properties under the HH+ program. These houses are fully furnished and equipped with high-speed WiFi and other amenities. Besides, tenants need not worry about roommates with poor hygiene because rooms under HH+ come with complimentary weekly housekeeping service!

HH+ is not only providing a smoother renting experience for tenants, but also ensures better rental returns for house owners. With HH+, property owners need not to deal with tenants and do the housekeeping or maintenance anymore.

In May 2019, Hostel Hunting has launched an insurance policy called HH Protect that covers homeowners that subscribe to HH+. This complimentary insurance coverage covers household goods and personal effects belonging to the homeowner or family member, contained in the private property. Among other HH Protect benefits included are coverage for furniture, electrical appliances, jewellery, breakage to mirrors and death compensation.

“Moving forward, our platform will focus in offering the HH+ because that is the solution for both owners and tenants to truly enjoy the investment and renting experience.”

LiveIn has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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