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Life Origin


Cover Story


While eating insects isn’t too foreign of a concept in some of our local communities (cue sago worms), they’re more of a delicacy than a norm we’re moving towards for a more sustainable planet.

Recent years, insect-derived proteins surfaced as a possible solution to tackle the rising demand for food and reduce the harm of livestock farming for the environment.

Life Origin focuses on producing quality and sustainable insect protein using black soldier fly larvae. Utilising selected industrial waste as feed material, the business also generates a huge positive impact to the environment.

The insect that Life Origin farms is the larvae for Black Soldier Flies (BSF).

It all started when Sio Chun Jia was working in Cambodia as Head of Public Affairs for a bank. During this stint abroad, he visited a BSF farm in Vietnam. There, he realised the positive environmental potential of BSF farming as a form of waste management as well as the huge market opportunity in it.

“Farming insects require 90% lesser land and water compared to any crops or animal farming. Also, production time is very much faster compared to animal farming,” explained Sio.

Why they choose BSF? As an insect species, the BSF is very unique because they are voracious eaters that can convert organic waste into protein in a very short period of time.

As an agricultural product, BSF have other benefits such as:

Being able to grow to maturity in 10-15 days.
High resistance to disease.
Not spreaders of germs and diseases.
Being a non-invasive species in Malaysia.
Not a stinging or biting insect.

Initially, Life Origin was introducing BSF for human consumption by producing a burger patty that associates and matches with minced beef. The burger patty contains 30% BSF larvae which reinforce the protein levels and add beneficial amino and lauric acids that aren’t available from beef alone.

Noticing that Malaysians are not very receptive to the concept of entomophagy, Life Origin's key focus still remains on producing quality insect protein as animal feed ingredient. They offer live larvae, air-dried larvae and larvae flakes for fish farmers to feed fishes and shrimps, small animals and pets.

Besides, they also introduce the ‘Prorigin’ range products, which are specially designed for pet owners. For example, they have PROTIMAX Protein Supplement, formulated with highly digestible Larvae Powder and is able to promote strength and power, muscle gain and immunity growth for dogs. They also use the oil extracted from larvae to make Paw & Skin Balm. The balm contains lauric acid, which is an natural anti microbial ingredient to protect and reduce inflammation and repairing on skin and scalp for better fur.

Currently, the team is collaborating with local universities including UPM and UiTM in conducting research projects to get more data and research paper to bridge the gap to develop new ingredients to feed animals.

“We believe that nature and insects play an important role in the food system. Black soldier fly will be the key in helping us in the food eco-system. By embracing this nature’s gift, we are able to create more sustainable protein to feed the world,” shared by Sio.

Life Origin has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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