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Growing up in a single-wage family, money has always been something that Teh’s family have to fight month over month. Yong Lin’s mother, who bakes amazing homemade pumpkin jam from scratch, always wanted to help out with the family’s expenses by selling her pumpkin jam.

“Everyone who tasted the jam loved it. Many people encouraged her to sell the jam for some extra incomes. However, my mum had no idea how to market the product and get the word out on social media. She also had no idea how to handle the delivery and customer service. Thus, she wasn’t keen on exploring it as an avenue,” Yong Lin shared.

As a millennial who very familiar with the e-commerce scene, Yong Lin was very confident that he could help to sell the jam on online marketplaces. However, he soon found out that it was not as easy as it sounds. “I never knew that most e-commerce platforms don’t allow sellers to upload perishables onto their site.”

Yong Lin decided to start Kravve to empower more individuals like his mum to afford a better living, by selling freshly handmade food products from their home kitchen. Kravve serves as a convenient platform for home chefs who have been doing social selling all this while (on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp) or even those home chefs who have always been encouraged to start selling their food but are not sure how to start.

“We believe in the concept of sharing economy, and one day, who knows, you might just buy your food from someone in your neighbourhood instead of going into a restaurant.”

His co-founder, Jean Heah shares the opinion that Malaysia is a culinary melting pot and are impressed with the growing list of entirely original products from their merchants that range from banana wine, lavender marmalade jam, black truffle potato chips, nasi lemak fish skin and more!

The duo wants to provide the home chefs with a stable and convenient platform so that they can focus on producing fantastic food without needed to managing dozens of Private Messages from customers, handling deliveries to customers and bearing the risk of preparing too many supplies for weekend bazaars.

Kravve prepares a lot of tools and services to support their sellers. Besides the backend workflow system that shows the orders and payment updates, Kravve has an in-house team to manage customers’ queries at all time. They also engage will about 20 delivery partners that are experienced at handling food deliveries, dealing with fragile items such as mooncake, and seasonal items like pineapple tarts that are popular during Chinese New Year.

To further empower the homecooks, Kravve also organises photography classes to help sellers figure out the camera lens, to help them tackle this world of internet selling. As a result, there are more appealing pictures up on the site, which leads to a win-win situation for both sellers and Kravve.

To date, over 200 merchants have registered on Kravve. There is no restriction on the number of products a merchant can list as there is no listing fee. Kravve only charges a small percentage on each sale generated to maintain the platform.

To ensure the freshness of the artisanal food products and to help save inventory space, most products sold on Kravve are made to order. Hence, customers might need to be patient as the delivery period is usually between five and seven working days. “It may sound long, but I believe customers don’t mind waiting as it arrives fresh and is nice to consume.”

Kravve has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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