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In Case Of


Cover Story


Pandemic fatigue is gripping many of us.

Therefore, the team from Inetolgift, a 16 years old B2B gifting company, decided to start something fun to add a little excitement to their client’s life.

In April 2020, they launched a startup called In Case Of to tap into the millennial market that wants a bespoke experience. In Case Of creates last-minute travel and emergency kits as convenient and useful gifts for friends and family. In these kits, you’d find stuff like face masks, soap, hand sanitizer, a coffee brew bag, and mints, for example, depending on which kit you go for.

While first aid emergency kits are always colored in red to signify alerts and a sense of emergency, In Case Of chose orange as their brand color as it invokes a sense of happiness and energy.

In Case Of incorporates 2 mascots, named Jo & Toke.
Jo (The Orange Rectangle) is named after the Japanese word “Daijoubu” which carries the meaning of “Don’t worry / It’s going to be okay”, signifying the belief that with every problem comes a solution, hence “daijoubu”.
Jo is designed to represent the expression of relief and satisfaction for when one finds the solution to their unexpected challenges and/or situations.
Toke (The Red Triangle) is named after the Korean word “Ottoke” which carries the meaning of “What should I Do?”, signifying the worry that anything could happen at any moment, to expect the unexpected. Toke is designed to represent the feeling of being alert, to be warned.
Jo & Toke are best of friends, and whenever Toke starts to worry, Jo will always be there to provide a solution. They both compliment and signify our brand image of In Case Of, where we are always steadfast in our passion for looking out for the unexpected challenges in our daily lives and providing a solution to your needs.
“We want people to have a different take on preparing themselves for unforeseen circumstances and to see it in a positive light, that to be prepared can be a gift to yourself and your cherished ones.”

“Millenials desire touching care, excitement, and love to share experiences with their own community. If anything delights them, they’d like to own one and even buy it for others,” shared Pik Ling.

Since these kits are adorable and what’s in the prep kits are actually useful, makes them thoughtful and fun gifts for someone you care about.

“We create ideas from customers’ perspectives. In everyday life, we encounter a lot of common situations,” Pik Ling, the co-founder of In Case Of shared.

“We relate products to events, we need to ensure it bundles well and works practically for the consumer.”

Though the team has been in the gifting business for more than a decade, they find it challenging to grow a startup like In Case Of. The main reason being they are lacking experience and knowledge in e-commerce as they have been operating Inetolgift traditionally.

To cope with it, they have been putting a lot of effort into research, revise and execute their marketing plans and the design of their products.

Besides, it’s also not easy to control the cost at the same time assuring the quality of the products. Consumers are pampered with endless choices on the internet, thus it’s important to achieve the balance between quality and price of the products to compete with others. Hence, the team puts in a lot of time to liaise and discuss with the production line to ensure the end products are ideal.

You may check out In Case Of’s website and Shopee store to explore their products.

In Case Of has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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