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IdThrivo Technology


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Security and convenience always function in opposition and security experts are finding it hard to get the right balance between these. Although encryption can be used to protect sensitive data and systems, however, this will increase the cost in terms of technology investment, people hiring, and at the same time lower down the convenience with newly added security control.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, most companies are required to adjust their business activities in order to minimize human contact to stop the spread of COVID-19 ultimately. Convenient paperless solutions are the key for companies that are practicing working from home.

Paper-based processes that need physical signatures in ink from multiple parties are not feasible for companies that practice work from home policy. Take the finance department as an example, they need to deal with countless paperwork and tedious documentation on a daily basis. How to deal with this error-prone and time-consuming paper-based document signing process is a pressing issue right now.

In 2017, Nickson Yau has co-founded IDThrivo with the mission to become a globally recognized eSignature technology provider. It was established to address 3 major gaps in the market:

Firstly, based on digital security technology, securing the data in order to reduce fraud in the financial technology industry.
Second, to promote digital transformations initiative across different industries.
Thirdly, to provide a secure e-paperless solution for enterprises.

IDThrivo is building a Digital Signing As A Service Platform (ThrivoSign) specializing in enterprise security and FinTech industry. What makes IDThrivo unique is it is an 100% homegrown e-signature technology provider. This allows them to offer better local support services and product localization according to customer business requirements.

Compare to other eSignature vendors from overseas, ThrivoSign support digital signature technology that is integrated with License CA in Malaysia.

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