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HAUZ is a cloud-based and data driven Time Clock, Workforce & Operations Management Solution that allows businesses to manage mobile workers, monitor and track operation real-time activities. We want to push small scale businesses towards automation.

After graduating in Civil Engineering, Ho Di-Yan spent 7 years in Singapore working on Data Center projects in Singapore and Thailand. Working in the construction industry made him realize that the digitalization of the operation and workforce management in blue-collar-dominated industries are far being.

Ho noticed many construction companies are still comfortable with the manual paperwork for equipment and asset management. “Daily operation processes are done manually, misinformation, poor report efficiency. Everything is done inefficiently from the general workers to the top management.”

Therefore, in 2018, Diyan decided to venture back to Malaysia and started HAUZ with his Co-Founder who has vast experience in operational processes. The initial aim of HAUZ is to provide a comprehensive platform for the blue-collar service industry to digitize their day-to-day operation.

HAUZ is a cloud-based and data-driven Time Clock, Workforce & Operations Management solution that allows businesses to manage mobile workers, monitor and track operation real-time activities.

With HAUZ, companies with mobile or remote workers are able to monitor their team members using any device, as long as there’s internet connection. It is more than a Time Clock as it also helps management to analyze team productivity by automating the team’s daily reporting. Since everything is real-time, managers are able to track the team progression and provide immediate assistance when they notice any of the team members are facing problems solving a task.

One of the major concerns in blue-collar industries is the safety of workers. Therefore, HAUZ also includes an Emergency Button that serves as a quick-response flow in case of emergencies. Companies will receive a comprehensive incident report after any unforeseen emergency on-site.

Besides construction companies, HAUZ also serves various types of industries, including but not limited to security, hospitality, retail, cleaning services, facility management, and pest control. As different industries may have their unique challenges, HAUZ is customized to provide different features to their clients from every industry.

“Our ultimate goal is to push small-scale businesses towards automation,” shared Diyan. HAUZ has helped their clients to reduce operation workload and streamline workflow. Many clients have experienced a significant drop in operating costs after implementing the system.

HAUZ has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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