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“There was once I purchased the F1 themed shirt online, and it only arrived after the event ended, which made me very frustrating,” shared Ivan.

After that unpleasant experience, he is determined to change the landscape of logistics. With his prior working experiences in logistics and banking industries, in early 2017, he established an application software company, GoBuilders Netsoft Sdn Bhd, and introduced Golog.

Golog is a comprehensive online logistics and delivery platform that connects logistics users and service providers. It seeks to humanise the industry by providing its total logistics efficiency while leveraging on the peer-to-peer economic sharing platform. It offers speedy delivery services that allow business owners to hand off managing their delivery and focus on other segments of their businesses.

“We can perform speed delivery from fastest 45 minutes delivery to 24 hours delivery services.”
Golog is serving clients majority come from e-commerce, retails and food & beverages, and it absorbs more than a thousand deliveries per day. Wonder how they make it? Golog handles their shipments by integrating AI into their mobile system.

The AI is designed to understand each business owner and driver’s behaviours to ensure the fastest and best quality of services. Besides, the mobile app interface enables recipients to see real-time tracking of their items, to cut down all the time wasted on doorsteps.

Although the majority of its clients come from the three industries mentioned above, Golog is open to all market. Anyone can register and log in through the apps, choose to be driver or register as a customer to use the delivery or pick up services. The user can be a sender and a recipient using the same account.

As an economic sharing platform, registered drivers and riders can earn income through completion of delivery and pick up services. Drivers and riders can deliver all types of goods as long as they are legal, from the smallest letter size document to bigger merchandises.

“There is no limit of mileage for goods delivery. As long as it’s reachable, and the rider or driver accepted your order, it’s good to go.”
Ivan claimed that Golog is able to help business owners to save 60% of the time for delivery. He believes that by helping business owners to smoothen their delivery processes; they can focus on improving other aspects, especially the R&D of products. This can translate into higher sales and ultimately, strengthening the country economy.

Golog has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in more exciting events coming soon!


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