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Thanks to the convenience brought by the mobile technology, methods of getting things done are no longer the same as the past decades. There is almost nothing that we couldn’t solve using our smartphone. Of course, solving urgent problems using certain mobile apps may have some costs, but all these costs are much reasonable.

GoGet.my is a technology platform founded in 2014. This platform utilizes the power of mobile technology to help its users in achieving greater productivity and connectivity in everyday work. It is a mobile app that connects people who want to get tasks done faster with people who want to work flexibly.

Be it to deliver important documents to your clients, getting a part-time helper for your exhibition booth, or to satisfy your craving when you are stuck with works, you can outsource these errands to a community of trained runners (“GoGetters”) on GoGet.my.

Whereas for the GoGetters, GoGet is a platform that redefines part-time opportunities through a location-based job generator. You can choose your own working time and select from various job types. You can be a food delivery helper on one day and a promoter on another day. You can even queue for a concert ticket for yourself and for a poster (the person who posted the job) at the same time!

This platform is very convenient and flexible for groups of people who have irregular free time. For instance, students and housewives who want to earn extra money.

Full-time mums have free time while their children are at school or tuition classes. With GoGet, the mums can send their children to school, then open the app to look for opportunities near them that can fit their schedule. These opportunities can upgrade their lifestyles and also widen their horizon.

GoGet’s vision is to be the best open platform for flexible work. They empower people to connect to each other, get tasks done faster and with better quality. It allows you to work with trusted people in a safe environment.

"We hope that the tasks and job opportunities created not only empower honest hard working individuals, but ultimately unite the city.”
To achieve their vision, GoGet is not only focusing on the technical aspects of the platform. They require every GoGetter to complete an online English test and attend a training session before they can start accepting tasks from the platform. This policy is more than a quality control system. It actually empowers the GoGetters by helping them to perform better in carrying out tasks, which eventually add values to them.

This makes GoGet stands out from other freelancer platforms because all GoGetters need to go through proper background checks, test, and training. This practice helps to prevent avoidable problems from happening, minimize the risks of hiring random freelancers to complete important tasks. Posters can assign jobs like banking errands, surprise party set up, bringing pets for grooming, etc. so that they can focus on other more important tasks.

The growing trust-level among the posters and GoGetters not only creates higher productivity and efficiency in carrying out micro-tasks, but also improve the entire society. GoGet is currently covering 3 cities: Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru. We hope to see their existence in more cities to connect and empower more Malaysians.

GoGet has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com/zomin/students/register to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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