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Fusion Werks


Cover Story


Whenever we walk into a building for the first time, we will always look upward to seek for signages, or look for the directory map to lead us to the spot we’re finding. Some of these signages lead you to nowhere, but those which are well-designed, are totally helpful.

Ever wondered who makes all these signages? There is a special profession called Wayfinding. Wayfinding is actually referring to the information systems, including signages, maps and information desks, that guide visitors through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space.

Wayfinding is particularly important in complex-built environments such as airports, educational campuses, hospitals, car parks and shopping malls. As these buildings often have complicated structures, visitors need visual cues such as directions, symbols and maps to drive them to their destinations.

Imagine yourself going to a campus to sit for an exam, but there’s no signage at all to show you where the exam takes place, you need to run through the whole campus and when you finally found the exam room, you left 20 minutes to finish the one-hour exam. It could be worse if we shifted to an airport scenario.

Therefore, an effective wayfinding system contributes to a sense of well-being, safety and security in the high-stress urban environments.

Fusion Werks is a creative consultancy that is veteran in Wayfinding. They have developed a lot of Wayfinding systems for their clients in Malaysia and the Middle East. The company’s recent biggest portfolio is the design of the Signage Design Guideline Manuals for the Klang Valley MRT. The manuals include signage guidelines for the Elevated stations, Underground stations & Ancillary support facilities.

Over the years, Fusion Werks not only has made great achievements in providing effective Wayfinding solutions to their clients, they also have covered various services such as Brand Identity Design, Modular Exhibition System Design and Environmental Design. Moreover, besides serving businesses in Malaysia, they have set their feet in other countries like Dubai, Bahrain and Hong Kong too.


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