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Gone are the days when people believe that climbing up the corporate ladder is the path towards success. Millennials nowadays are more appealed to the idea of being a boss themselves. Thus, start-ups are mushrooming not only in Silicon Valley but all over the world. One of the trickiest parts to start a business is the start-up financing – that initial infusion of money needed to turn the idea into something tangible.

When you are just starting, you’re not at the point yet where a traditional lender or investor would be interested in you. Many investors are reluctant to invest in private equity and crowdfunding projects because of they afraid of getting scammed. Besides, many small and medium enterprises owners wanted to digitise their businesses to stay relevant to the evolving market. Unfortunately, most of them are clueless about how to start.

“Therefore, we gather Entrepreneurs, Investors and Industry Professionals to share knowledge and resources about New Finance and New Retail among these three parties,” shared by Allan, the founder of EntreVestors Ecosystem.

Allan started his businesses in the early twenties. “At first, I opened a cybercafe in my hometown with the money claimed from my late father’s insurance. I were interested in investments, so I learned how to invest in property and stock. Unfortunately, I was trapped by the Ponzi Scheme and ended up with six-figure debts.”

To settle the huge debts, Allan left his hometown and started his salesman life in Kuala Lumpur. “From insurance, broadband services to the property, as long as it’s legal, I would sell.” While selling properties, he met his mentor who taught him about alternative financing. He then followed the mentor to run a Venture Capital Platform in China.

In 2013, Allan moved back to Malaysia and wanted to replicate the business model of the Venture Capital Platform with a business partner here. However, they soon hit a snag because many local investors used to have lousy perception and misconception about equity crowdfunding. To eliminate the stereotypes and to help investors indicate excellent investment opportunities, they started to organise educational talks regarding alternative financing such as crowdfunding and private equity.

While running talks, Allan realised that many business owners not only have questions regarding investment, but more problems are pending to be solved.

He noticed many millennials want to utilise their technical skills to escape the corporate world. However, to start a company, they need capitals. They must learn how to pitch their ideas, how to determine a feasible business model, etc.

At the same time, investors need a trustable platform to provide them with accurate information and help them to develop the right investment concept. “Ultimately, they need to have a solid risk management concept while investing,” KenGy, the co-founder of EntreVestors Ecosystem added.

Meanwhile, for existing business owners, they are urged to go digital to keep up with rapidly changing consumer patterns and business ecosystem. They need proper guidance on how to merge their offline, brick and mortar businesses to connect with online customers.

Hence, they founded EntreVestors Ecosystem in 2016. EntreVestors Ecosystem hosts workshops and talks to educate the public about P2P Financing, Equity Crowdfunding, Alternative Investment, O2O Marketing, and more. Besides, they also provide learning materials like in e-books and videos to their premium members.

Most importantly, the platform serves as a complete ecosystem to connect investors with good projects via networking sessions.

“To break the stereotypes are not easy. But after running the platform for some time and have successfully helped some of our members to grow their start-ups or innovate their businesses, we have gained trusts progressively,” shared by KenGy.

Entrevestors Ecosystem has co-hosted workshops by partnering with Astro AEC. They have also been invited as the main judge for the Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest in Malaysia. Till date, they have hosted 116 seminars and six workshops to empower over 5000 attendees.

EntreVestors Ecosystem has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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