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Chocolate drink is one of the most common beverages for kids in Malaysia. In fact, many adults love chocolate beverages too. However, there aren’t many good quality hot chocolates available in our country.

Euniece was a purchaser at Ben’s Independent Grocer while Jinli was a content creator at Astro.

The two met by chance through Jinli’s husband in March 2019 and discovered they shared a common passion and frustration:

Their love for chocolates;
The lack of good quality hot chocolates in Malaysia’s local cafes.

Both of them had grown tired of the overly sweet & bland chocolate drinks in the market. They noticed a gap and decided to create a healthier & tastier alternative to satisfy their hot chocolate cravings.

2 months later, they decided to leave their corporate jobs and start Cocova to provide better and healthier chocolate products to Malaysians.

In June 2019, they began by speaking to farmers and manufacturers, sourcing various cacao beans from around the region. They subjected their family & friends to endless taste tests to ensure that their chocolate drink achieved the quality that they themselves as chocolate fanatics desired.

The initial product was in the form of cocoa powder as we wanted to create a good hot chocolate drink for consumers. However, we were not happy with the texture of the drinks as they were too powdery.

After months of planning and researching in their home kitchen, they were finally ready to launch Cocova’s first product – Dark Chocolate Buttons. Originally meant to be melted down into a beverage, they quickly discovered that the buttons were also perfect for snacking and baking.

They started humbly with a modest amount from their own savings as they did not want to borrow money from our families or get investors on board at such an early stage. With limited funding, the two had to make adjustments and start small.

They worked from their home kitchens, used their living rooms as storage space, didn’t hire a team, and made use of social media to market and sell the products. Keeping costs low worked out in their favor because when the pandemic hit, they were able to survive without having any overhead.

Within the first month of launching Cocova in December 2019, they sold roughly 400 Christmas gift sets.

Despite a delay in R&D and a rushed production in their product and packaging, they were able to participate in a bazaar at Publika, Kuala Lumpur. Customers’ responses were overwhelming as their stocks were swept within the first 4 days.

Cocova has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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