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Nowadays, the job competition among youths in Malaysia is getting more challenging due to the pandemic COVID-19 and also pre-recession cause by the pandemic. Many companies are downsizing the operation team, thus lead to reduced job opportunities in the market.

However, the agriculture industry is one of the industries that are booming through this period. Syed Salleh, the founder of CocoJack, believes that the agriculture industry can be the saver to provide job opportunities to unemployed youth in Malaysia.

Cocojack is inspired by the acronym for ‘Coconut and Jackfruit’ which is. Both of these crops are the basic crops cultivated by the implementation partners (Sulaiman Plantation). These plantations were the main source of income for the founder of Sulaiman Plantation, namely Tn Syed Sulaiman bin Syed Hassan which started in 2004. By cultivating these crops, he was able to support his family and create employment opportunities for the local community as well as catalyzing the local economy.

In 2015, this conventional business was given a new lease of life by his son (Syed Salleh) by inspiring the social enterprise ‘CocoJack’ to help young people venture into agriculture by maximizing the use of technology.

“We believe that agriculture should be empowered by youth, our CocoJack Heroes consist of young energetic Malaysian youth from various backgrounds to serve in maintaining our food security. We are the front-liner of food producers in Malaysia.”

As a social enterprise, CocoJack provides an alternative channel of agriculture training and practical session to unemployed and underprivileged youths in Malaysia. They selected youth from B40 families, unemployed youth, and dropouts to participate in their program and become “CocoJack Heroes”.

Selected CocoJack Heroes would undergo a series of training programs. Upon completion, they would be offered a practical session at Sulaiman Plantation for a certain period of time.

Sulaiman Plantation Sdn Bhd is a farm that practices sustainable agriculture methods and is certified as Good Agriculture Farmers (MyGAP) by the Department of Agriculture, Malaysia. They would ensure all CocoJack Heroes practice good agriculture practices recognized by the Department of Agriculture Malaysia. Graduated CocoJack Heroes will become experts in pesticides and herbicides usage in order to minimize the residual effect (MRL) in soil.

“Our social mission is to leverage agri-business to create more job opportunities that able to reduce the unemployment rate of youth in Malaysia by exploring and maximizing latest agriculture technology,” shared Syed Salleh. He believes these efforts will contribute to continuous food production and our food security.

Besides, CocoJack also believes that we can revolutionize the agriculture industry if the conventional agriculture technique is shifted to modern agriculture technology. Therefore, CocoJack is maximizing IR 4.0 technology into agriculture to make it sexier and will be able to attract more youth into this industry.

CocoJack believes that what we sow today will be our harvest in the future. They believe by sowing the interest in agriculture in today’s youth’s minds can help the nation to survive the Global Food Crisis which has been predicted by the United Nation that will happen around 2050.

CocoJack has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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