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The birth of smartphone revolutionise the way we communicate, play, think, surf the internet and more. Never before a single device has the capability to replace so many other items. Therefore, people don’t mind to spend RM3000 or more for a high-end, productive smartphone.

However, you’re probably pretty familiar with the struggle to keep your smartphone running like new a few months or even a couple of years after you bought it. After all, phones are expensive, thus keeping your current device running as long as possible will help you defer the expensive process of buying a new phone just a bit longer. Yet, sometimes, your smartphone’s battery is uncooperative, and won’t let you get through a day without worrying that your phone will die.

The co-founders of Charby – Lim Thol Yong, Cheok Ming Jin and Chik Sheng Fei – came to realise that the durability of a smartphone’s battery is a common concern of many consumers. After obtained market validation from phone retail shops, interviewed strangers in shopping mall and conducted online survey form, the trio realised overnight charging is the most common practice of consumers that might cause battery degradation.

Nevertheless, what’s a better time to recharge than when we’re sleeping?

The co-founders of Charby believe charging should be made effortless and easy. “Your phone should get ready by the time you’re ready for your daytime challenges. We don’t have to sacrifice the best time for phone-charging – in the middle of the night – when all the bad sides of overnight charging can be solved by simply a smart charging cable that cuts off power automatically at full charge,” shared Chik, the co-founder and CTO of Charby.

Let’s take a little time travel back to 2015 when the co-founders first partnered to help you understand Charby better.

The trio started as partnership in 2015 during their final year of undergraduate studies. After graduated as bachelor’s degree and they enrolled in Master research in UTM to further continue working on their startup ideas.

Initially, the founders wanted to help their university to reduce energy wastage by proposing the idea of installing smart energy-saving-system in hostels. However, they were advised not to continue as the project is not viable due to the high installation cost. For months, they have worked on different startup ideas but were either failed or rejected.

In 2015, they shared their idea of the Smart Charging Cable with one of their mentors, Dr Yeong and was encouraged to enrol in the IHL-MSC competition in June that year. During that period, they had successfully built several prototypes that cut-off power supply automatically to stop further charging once they detect the battery is fully-charged. Their complete prototype and clear business plan enabled them to pass through 3 evaluation stages and eventually, attained the champion in November 2015.

In early 2016, they applied for Cradle CIP150 fund and successfully received it in June 2016. This marked a significant milestone for them, as with the financial assistance and advice from Cradle, they can fund and complete the prototype of their smart charging cable – Charby Sense.

Throughout their continuous built and refinement process, they realise more problems related to charging, such as fire hazard due to overnight charging, unreliable charging products and slow charging. They tailor their prototype to address the identified issues with the hope to create a solution for the users. Finally, their product – Charby Sense successfully attained European standard CE, FCC and RoHS, and is ready to be sold internationally.

Charby Sense was successfully launched on Indiegogo in Dec 2017 and has since raised over USD100k and delivering to customers over 70 countries. Ever since, Charby is on the mission to make the best of everyone’s life by maximising smartphone use-time through knowledge and intelligent technology. In the coming years, more innovative Charby charging products will be designed to achieve a world everyone can stay powered and connected.

Charby has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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