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In every business, regardless of big or small, bookkeeping and accounting is a mandatory process. In this new era of entrepreneurship and small businesses, a streamlined operation is crucial for companies to scale faster. An efficient and automated accounting system is especially vital for every business to make accurate decisions.

To support start-ups and SMEs in accounting and payroll related matters, in 2015, Alfred Ang founded CALTRiX, a cloud accounting firm which leverage on Integrated Cloud Software (“ICS”) to improve business efficiencies. CALTRiX mainly provides Cloud Accounting and Payroll Service. CALTRiX is partnering with well-known cloud software within the ecosystem of ICS such as Xero, QBO, Talenox, HREasily, Payroll Panda, KakiTangan, Receipt Bank, Fathom etc.

CALTRiX is mainly serving technology companies and service providers in consultation, marketing, healthcare and food & beverages industry. “We believe that implementing the forefront of ICS will bring it to new horizons. Our team of accountants and professionals have made Cloud Accounting work for countless businesses, and we wish to introduce it to more businesses,” shared Alfred.

CALTRiX with its ICS, can bring innovative improvements to businesses in the following aspects:

No more high investment in a server
A physical server is NOT required for ICS as each of the Cloud Software has its own well-protected server. The investment on ICS is based on a Pay-As-You-Use monthly subscription model. Businesses can enjoy continuous and unlimited updates in new features of cloud software without extra charges.

Plug & play for ICS
The whole ecosystem of ICS comprises of the feature accounting, payroll, e-commerce, point-of-sales etc. A business would only need to invest in the areas which suit its business nature. For example, a consulting firm only requires accounting, payroll and document management cloud software.

Paperless-ready accounting processes
ICS enables accounting processes to be paperless-ready. Although hardcopy documents are still required for audit and tax purposes in Malaysia, businesses should move ahead to start adopting paperless office workflow.

Everyone is working on the same page
Business owners can invite relevant team members to be onboard to specific cloud software to synchronise their works. For example, they can grant business development executives access to Cloud Accounting Software to issue quotation and sales invoices to your customers.

Fast speed in updating accounts
By leveraging on ICS, clients can upload the invoices and receipts into a cloud document management software through direct-email or snapping photo into an app. CALTRiX can update the expenses remotely instead of updating it after collected documents in the subsequent month.

Real-time access to financial information
Business owners always want to understand their business performance. Financial information is a direct result which reflected from business strategies. Real-time financial information will assist the business owners to reduce business risk by making an accurate business decision while simultaneously considering their financial availability.

On top of all these benefits, the most valuable service of CALTRiX is customising Standard-Operating-Procedures (SOPs) for each client to ensure smooth execution. All the roles & responsibilities of each person in the organisation will be sorted out to run the accounting processes smoothly. It will eventually streamline the accounting processes and reduce the cost of operation in the long run.

“We hope that our clients can leverage on ICS to manage their cost of operation effectively, ease their mind and focus on growing their businesses to a greater height.”

CALTRiX has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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