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Interior Design

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Yong Meng has always had a passion for beautiful homes and especially the process of transformation from an old home to a brand new beautiful one. After he finished a short internship in a construction company during his early college days, he realised he is strongly enthusiastic about the renovation industry. Hence, he started his business as a renovation contractor in his first year at the University.

Fast forward to 2016, Yong Meng established BuildEasy, a one-stop home renovation solutions provider that uses technology and design to simplify the process of creating beautiful homes. Renovating a home is a bittersweet experience that makes people fear the hassles but anticipate the results. BuildEasy is the platform that tries to take away all the bitter but preserve the sweetness for its clients.

“There’s always miscommunication between the homeowners and contractors, even more so when the interior designer is involved in the picture,” Yong Meng expressed the key industry pain points. To address this problem, BuildEasy highlights personalisation in their services. They provide curated design templates for free to those who are looking to renovate their homes. Using selected design templates, they allow homeowners to customise the colour options of the furniture, flooring, curtains and wallpapers of their dream home.

“We are committed to understanding our client’s unique needs – and work around their style and budget,” shared Yong Meng about their brand promise. To ensure they are on the same page with their customers, BuildEasy employs the virtual reality (VR) technology to enable their customers to visualise designs for more accurate decisions.

Most importantly, BuildEasy’s jobs never end upon customers’ approval on their design sketches. They help homeowners to oversee every detail of the renovation to save customers’ time, money and stress.

As the company grows, Yong Meng felt the urge to expand and innovate the business. In 2019, he started PropEasy to complement with BuildEasy. PropEasy is an online platform that redefines property ownership by offering transparency and curated choices to foreign property buyers who wish to invest in Southeast Asia.

Previously, BuildEasy B2C approach focuses heavily on residential property owners. After PropEasy was introduced, they open up another segment to work together with PropEasy. When PropEasy successfully matched a foreign property investor with a property, BuildEasy will step in to provide their design and renovation solutions to the investor. “Some of these clients are buying the house as a second home in Malaysia, some are buying it purely for investment purpose.”

For property investors, BuildEasy doesn’t only provide a quick makeover that catered to tenants’ need but also help investors to rent out the property. “We provide professional photography services and help investors to source for the right tenants.”

“The COVID-19 affected our business too. Sales dropped due to low confidence in consumers. Hence, it shows the importance of being flexible and creative to be able to promptly adjust the business model and to adapt to the new norm,” Yong Meng shared. He also advised youngsters to gain some working experiences before stepping into entrepreneurship. “Over the years, I have realised that many mistakes could be avoided—or at least reduce the damage—if I had experience working with other companies.”

BuildEasy’s grand vision is to impact 100 million homes. “We believe by implementing technology wherever it’s possible can make the flow of renovation as convenient as it can to everyone.”

BuildEasy has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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