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After working in a Silicon Valley-based, multinational tech company for 15 years, TK Chuah decided to take a leap of faith to leave his comfort zone in 2015 to start his own business.

He believes that by simplifying and streamlining trade processes through digitalization, businesses (be it B2B or B2C) are able to elevate and enhance their performance and revenues.

With the aim to help SMEs in Malaysia to upgrade their capabilities through sales digitalization and automation, TK Chuah founded Boostorder with some like-minded partners.

In the beginning, they bootstrapped the company with their own funds and acquired their first 10 customers to build a prototype of the business. Through these 10 customers that covered various industries, Boostorder was able to truly understand what the market needed.

After developing and validating the prototype, Boostorder raised for a seed round in 2017 to scale their modal. Since then, they have served more than 2000 salespersons and businesses to digitalize and automate business processes to achieve higher ROI.

Today, Boostorder has become an all-in-one digital commerce platform that brings brands and distributors to the next level via automation, actionable insights, and capital on demand. They are helping businesses to eliminate complexity and providing clarity in every stage of the B2B and B2C trade flow through their wide range of solutions and products.

Boostorder’s products include:

- Boostorder Rep : All-in-one productivity and sales tool for sales and field reps
- Boostorder Direct : 24/7 self-service app for B2B buyers
- Boostorder Inventory : Improve inventory accuracy and gain full visibility on inventory flow
- Boostorder Sync : Integrates real-time data seamlessly through multiple platforms
- Boostorder Insights : Interactive dashboards for data-driven decision making
- Boostorder Cloud : Manage and store data securely
- Boostorder Drive : Digitally plan and manage delivery fleets

Over the years, they have served clients from well-known brand distributors like Anmum and Walch, to homegrown businesses like Chong Tatt Enterprise and Rightway Apparel. For more information, you can visit Boostorder’s website to read success stories: https://www.boostorder.com/customersuccess

Moving forward, Boostorder strives to be the leading omnichannel commerce enabler in South East Asia.

Boostorder has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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