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Arus Oil

Green Energy

Cover Story


Dr Chatichai Chong worked as a medical officer in the Ministry of Health Malaysia for 6 years after graduated from The Russian State Medical University in 2013.

To pursue job satisfaction and ponder what was out there, he left MOH in 2018 and joined an IT company that focuses on education. He met Syazwan, who shared him about the challenges they faced in recycling used cooking oil.

Apparently, since 2017, residents of SS14 have been disposing of their used cooking oil (UCO) in a collection drum at the park nearby.

This project was organised in collaboration with Kawasan Rukun Tetangga (KRT). The survey shows that most of the family households in SS14 cook frequently. Thus, the idea of recycled used cooking oil is born. Instead of throwing the used cooking oil away, residents are able to earn cashback by selling it.​

The reason why they are recycling the used cooking oil is due to the fact of the depletion of non-renewable energy. 72% of our world consumption is powered by fossil fuels (Non-renewable). Petroleum/oil is specifically estimated to be depleted in 2052.

They believe recycling used cooking oil helps to slow down the depletion of non-renewable energy. This is because all of the collected used cooking oil will be converted to bio-diesel which is used to power industrial vehicles or machines.​

In 2020, Dr Chatichai, Syazwan and Louis decided to develop a cloud based application for people to recycle oil.

“Many countries have been using bio diesel but the awareness in Malaysia is still low where people are throwing the used cooking oil away directly,” shared Dr Chatichai.

They developed an app that connects oil producers and purchasers. It was launched in June 2021 and was named Arus Oil. Besides developing the app, Arus oil is also a licensed operator under MPOB License.

MPOB License is required to collect/purchase used cooking oil. Used cooking oil ( Palm Oil Based ) is classified as sludge palm oil (SPO) under Malaysian Palm Oil Board Licensing Regulations 2005.​ This license is to ensure all collected used cooking oil are converted to bio-diesel and not for any illegal use that will harm the people and the environment.

Arus Oil welcomes families, F&B and hospitality operators, and food factories to utilise their services and application to join their recycling efforts.

Users can collect their oil after cooking. Once finished with deep-frying or cooking, they can filter excess used cooking oil by pouring it into a beaker or bottle with the help of a colander.

The purpose of using a colander is to filter away from any food debris and smoothen the recycling process. Then, they can store the collected used cooking oil at a glass bottle or jerry can at a non-flammable place with room temperature.

Once they collect a minimum of 5kg of used cooking oil, they can schedule an appointment for door-to-door collection of the used cooking oil at the Arus Oil’s Dashboard page. Arus Oil's logistic team will contact the user in 1-2 working days once he/she has scheduled an appointment.

The collected oil will then be exported to treatment plants for conversion to bio-diesel. This oil will be exported to Netherlands & UK treatment plants where it will be converted to ASTM B-20 Biodiesel grade. There are multiple types of biodiesel that are segregated to:

- B-5 grade ( Used in light-duty diesel vehicles )
- B-20 grade ( Used in diesel vehicles or generators )
- B-100 grade ( Heavy vehicles eg. Trains & airplane)

Arus Oil was one of the winners for 1337 Ventures Alpha Startupâ„¢ Digital Accelerator 2021. Besides, it also won a project with IOI Kickstart Programme.

The team will continue to strive to make more people understand the importance of recycling used cooking oil and encourage more people to join this effort by providing them a convenient platform.

Arus Oil has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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