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Smartphones have transformed consumers’ behaviours thoroughly. Most of the time, we buy things based on the info we have gotten from the internet via our mobile phones. For instances, when you’re queueing up in Mcdonald’s, some of you will open up the app to check for the latest promotions and deals. When you’re in a supermarket, you’ll go online to compare prices of some items from other retailers’ website or from online marketplaces

Most of our decisions and transactions are either directly or indirectly affected by the info we obtained from the internet or mobile apps via smartphones. In early of this decade, Desmond has started his entrepreneurial journey by offering mobile app development services to enterprises.

“At first, we developed various type of mobile apps for clients. Some of them are e-magazines, e-catalogs, multi-branches info, listings, etc. At one part of the time, we received many requests on CRM apps. Thus, AppPay is born,” shared by Desmond Tay, the founder of AppPay.

AppPay offers O2O (online to offline) loyalty system to Brick-and-Mortar retailers on a monthly subscription model. Loyalty system and loyalty program is a powerful marketing strategy that design to retain customers by rewarding them. This program can also activate inactive customers to shop more aggressively. Moreover, unlike known POS systems that provide CRM solution that is merely member database reside in the system, AppPay solutions will do the “Communication” side.

AppPay aims to provide an affordable CRM solution for fast-growing brands or businesses that own more than five outlets or have more than 10 thousands members. Its comprehensive loyalty system helps brand owners to actively engage with the customer. The system consists of analytical info on customer spending behaviours, re-marketing tool, e-voucher system, rewarding system, rebate system, CRM system, content management and most importantly, the mobile app.

Since 2017, AppPay has provided their professional development services for clients from various industries including Retail, Food and Beverage, Ticketing, Resort and Hotel, Service Providers, Salon and Spa and more. On top of the comprehensive CRM system, AppPay also helps clients to customise the mobile app upon requests to ensure the app meet each client’s business needs.

“To date, we have successfully launched mobile apps and worked with numerous brands such as Perodua, MPH Bookstore, Donutes, TK Bakery, Loudspeaker, City Explorer, Apple Vacations and many more,” shared Desmond.

On the frontend, app users are able to enjoy membership benefits without the hassle of carrying a physical membership card. Besides, they also receive push notifications on the latest promotions and events of their favourite brand. Some of the apps even serve as an e-wallet to enable an easy cashless payment experience, and loyalty rewards for the consumers.

Meanwhile, the app’s backend doesn’t only allow brand owners to engage their consumers with attractive deals and rewards but also studies the consumers’ behaviours. It collects consumers’ reactions on each campaign to provide data-driven analytics in helping brand owners to make more accurate decisions for future campaigns.

“Currently, we’re actively serving three clients and are working for three more upcoming projects. We’re happy that our solutions are feasible for helping clients’ businesses to grow. Recently, we’ve chosen as one of the 10 Fast-Growing Fintech in Malaysia by IDC Financial Insights. It was a great recognition for our team.”

When discussing the millennials, Desmond advised youngsters to get themselves involved in more co-curricular activities and external projects to develop useful skill sets. “Don’t be too calculative and too money-driven. Always remember, the more you contributed, the more you learnt. And those values, skills and experiences are your assets that no one could ever take away from you.”

Desmond also advised fresh graduates to join startups or SMEs to gain more exposures. “Startup bosses are usually more flexible and provides more rooms for you to utilise your creativities. You will often involve in projects from ideation to planning to execution. If you’re joining a big corporate with a clear hierarchy, chances are you will take actions based on your superiors’ orders only.”

AppPay has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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