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Agmo Studio


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After graduating from MMU with a Degree in Electronic Engineering in 2008, AK (Tan Aik Keong) started his career as a Software Engineer. Noticing that more businesses are seeking solutions for digital transformation and automation, he decided to found his own software development firm, Agmo Studio in 2012, together with another 2 of his co-founder, Steven Low Kang Wen, and Tham Chin Seng.

At that part of the time, they are one of the pioneers in the mobile app development industry. Initially, they aimed to be perfectionists and always wanted to launch the perfect product. However, they slowly realized that a perfect product from their perspective was not necessarily what the market needed.

From then onwards, they became big fans of building Minimum Viable Products. They bootstrapped and built things quickly within a few weeks and performed market validation to decide on the next step. For instance, in 2020 when the Coronavirus hit Malaysia, they launched the first tracker mobile app within two days during Chinese New Year. That quick action managed to bring them into the spotlight of the media as it is newsworthy.

They understand that they must act fast and work hard to keep up with the latest technologies and business trends because everything changes rapidly in today’s world and it’s important to have the first-mover advantage.

Now, Agmo Studio has become the leading Mobile and Blockchain application development firm in Malaysia which houses more than 90 engineers. They have served clients from multiple countries and various industries such as medical, oil & gas, automotive, property development, retail, logistics, government agencies, and more.

Since its inception in 2012, the team has developed and published more than 100 mobile apps with millions of downloads worldwide. They have also won multiple awards, like 4 times APICTA awards in 4 different categories, the ASEAN ICT Awards, Asia Smart Apps Awards, and WITSA Global ICT Awards.

The company has also grown from a single studio that builds customized digital solutions into a group of companies to cater to different business needs from their clients. Besides Agmo Studio, there are three other subsidiaries under the umbrella of Agmo Group, namely:

Agmo Digital Solutions:
Runs as a platform-based business to serve public listed companies by using their product, Vote2U. This is a blockchain-powered remote participation and working platform. Till today they have served more than 100 clients from different industries. They also have other solutions like Eat2u (a food delivery platform) and Agmo Health (serving some chained pharmacies).

Agmo Tech: Focusing on developing blockchain technologies and solutions.

Agmo Capital: Invest in startup companies that cover legal tech, fintech, property tech, etc.

Moving forward, Agmo Group aims to become the regional leader as a digital solutions provider. They believe the purpose of technology is to make everyone’s lives better.

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