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AIO Synergy Solutions


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Mobile technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years. Nowadays, we depend on a variety of mobile phone applications to help us complete many of our daily tasks.

Both Albert Khor and Jason Wong are veteran software developers who have developed multiple types of software and mobile apps. In 2014, they founded AIO Synergy Solutions Sdn Bhd to provide technology solutions and services to organisations that require highly challenging and technical solutions. They are principal in the development, publishing and marketing of mobile applications and mobile games.

In 2016, the company was established as a limited liability company, AIO Synergy Solutions Berhad. Currently, AIO Synergy Solutions houses more than 40 technically competent staffs that cover the following areas of expertise: PHP Development, Java Development, Mobile Apps (Front-End) Development, Games Development, UI Development, Graphic Design and Server Administration.

The apps developed by AIO Synergy Solutions support both Android and IOS systems. Besides the apps that they created upon clients’ requests, the company has two flagship apps, namely Omnity and OmniChat.

Omnity is an application that caters to closed communities within gated or guarded residential enclave. It aims to enhance users’ sense of community by covering all domains of features needed by a closed community. It connects users to their neighbourhood, allowing them to get to know each other, provide easy access for users’ guests via the VAC (Vehicle Access Control) System, and keep the residents updated on events and announcements directly from the residential management.

Its most innovative feature is the VAC system. In most gated or guarded community, visitors are often subjected to stringent and tedious security screening and registration process before they obtained entry permission. With Omnity, the resident can pre-register the visitor’s vehicle via the VAC to generate a QR code. Then, the registered visitor to provide the QR code for scan upon arrival at the security checkpoint to gain access. It skips all the hassles of dealing with the security guards and never compromises the safety of the community.

Besides, it also integrated with social networking and an announcement broadcasting platform. Thus, residents can share valuable information like alerts or reminders on scheduled electricity or water disruption, and report suspicious characters or undesired activities happening in the community on Omnity. The management office can also announce latest news and alerts to the residents, without going through the hassle of distributing printed copies of flyers, newsletters or leaflets to each resident.

Omnity is currently serving over 20 residential communities in Malaysia, keeping them safe and lively!

OmniChat is an instant messaging and communication app that is designed for both social and business users, covering individuals and organisations. On the business side, OmniChat’s features allow companies to seamlessly communicate with their customers and employees in effective and convenient ways. On the social side, OmniChat offers users an enjoyable way to stay in touch with their family and friends, discuss and share their lives and to build stronger connections with those people who are most important to them.

Besides regular messaging features, OmniChat enables users to commence “Secret Chat” conversation that assures total privacy as the chat messages will delete itself upon ending the conversation. Chat messages sent through this mode leave zero footprints, they are not even visible to OmniChat’s developers and server administrator.

For users who want to earn extra money, Omnity contains an Advertising Platform that serves as an affiliates marketing platform. By sharing the adverts on the platform, it creates a unique affiliate URL that linked to the user’s OmniChat account. When someone clicks on the unique link, the user earn a portion of the advertising revenue. This feature creates a viable way for users to make money through the application by helping merchants to drive traction in their marketing campaigns.

OmniChat is serving many users and merchants in China, with more than 230 thousands downloads.

AIO Synergy Solutions’ vision is to evolve into a prominent international player in the mobile application and community-oriented platform market. With their technology solutions, they wish to automate their customers’ business processes and activities, facilitates business networking and solicitation within the customers’ trading ecosystem, and ultimately, to deliver convenience to the end users.

AIO Synergy Solutions has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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