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About Us

To bridge the gap between graduates and employers

Zom-In is the subsidiary company of TopNotch, an established HR consulting firm in Malaysia.

Established in late 2018, our co-founders noticed a declining trend of fresh graduates being subjectively rejected- being perceived as overly dependent and inadequately prepared for work in the corporate world.

At Zom-In, we all come to work every day because we want to close the concerning divide between students and employers- the invisible barrier between regional entrepreneurs and unhoned young minds. Everyone is guessing. Students do not know what to do after graduating from their studies; entrepreneurs are hesitating to provide company investment in training fresh graduates in fear of losing resources and time.

Throughout the history of the recruitment business, people turn to online job-oriented platforms to seek career advice and opportunity. Our commitment to transparency is to make the recruitment process for both students and employers more comprehensive.

Today, we provide a series of employment-oriented programmes, tools, and content- all for the purpose of inspiring and empowering both parties. We aspire to make our platform the devoted bridge that connects both the companies and employees.

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