ZOM-IN MCO Stories #6 — Keep Children At Home



  May 13, 2020

Recently, as MCO rules relaxed, many people started to visit malls again. Last weekend, popular shopping complexes were packed with crowds. When I was doing my routine groceries this Monday, I saw some parents start to bring their kids out again. I was terribly worried because I just read news saying there are children in Europe and the United States suffering from multi-system inflammatory disease related to COVID-19


Fortunately, in Monday’s afternoon, the government announced that bringing children to shopping malls would be deemed as illegal. That was a big relief for my mind. 


Many people have a common myth that only elder members are vulnerable to the COVID-19 because data are showing low numbers in children transmitting the novel coronavirus. However, health experts also attribute this phenomenon to the early closure of schools. 


We must understand that the government is only easing the MCO measures to help businesses rebound from the coronavirus recession. If schools and nurseries are not allowed to reopen yet, we have every reason to believe shopping malls are not safer than home for the little ones. 


The number of confirmed cases daily in our country has decreased to two-digits since mid April. Let’s appreciate the efforts of the healthcare experts and governments in controlling the virus spread in the country and do not take advantage of the relaxation of MCO measures.


While many shops and restaurants have resumed operation, please control the desire to ‘lepak’ in the mall. Instead, let’s assign one or two ‘wakil’ to do the shopping. For those who are visiting shops and restaurants, remember to follow social distance rules strictly. Also, be ready to scan the Check-in QR Code when entering buildings or shops. 



“ZOM-IN MCO Stories” is an internal initiative from ZOM-IN to share what we’ve observed, experienced, and learned during the Movement Control Order.


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