ZOM-IN MCO Stories #5 — WFH with Family Members Around



  May 06, 2020

Working from home was not easy for me. 


My mum and I are sharing the same space. At times, our video-conference schedules clash. I need to mute myself from the conversation when she’s talking. 


However, when I think deeply, I think both of us are considered very lucky. First of all, our jobs are not affected. Although we’re not allowed to be in office physically, we are still able to collaborate with colleagues and conduct our job tasks as per usual. Thus, we still receive full paychecks. 


Moreover, we are with each other. Many people were stranded in school hostels, being far apart with their family. For many, being able to see their loved ones and have meals together are luxuries. 


Therefore, I changed my mind and started to appreciate everything that I got now.



“ZOM-IN MCO Stories” is an internal initiative from ZOM-IN to share what we’ve observed, experienced, and learned during the Movement Control Order.


If you have stories to tell, you could send it to us via our social media channels or email to admin@zom-in.com.


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