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#MyInternshipStory — Shu from TopNotch/ZOM-IN



  July 01, 2020

Over the years, our company (TopNotch and ZOM-IN) has engaged with a few interns. Some of them even stayed with us and officially joined us as a permanent employee after they completed the internship. 


This series of articles will feature our colleagues who started working with us as an intern. 



Employee: Shu

Role: Marketing & Growth

Internship Start Date: 31st October 2016


In mid-2016, I came back to Malaysia after completing my study in Taiwan. Despite being trained as a teacher, I decided to explore other career choices rather than teaching. One day, I got a call from TopNotch for an interview invitation. Apparently, my friend recommended my profile for the company. Some weeks after the interview, I was being hired as an intern. 


Initially, many friends were surprised when I turned down offers from schools. “Don’t you feel (time and efforts) wasted? You have already completed the training!” I knew that I’m not suitable to teach, and it is only harder if I choose to shift my career after I start teaching. Without a second thought, I accepted the job. There began my magical journey. 


Everything was new and fresh to me. In order to support the recruitment consultants in our company, I was pushing myself to learn things quickly. In my first week as an intern, I have learned how to source, screen, and select candidates from LinkedIn and other platforms. 


Besides, I also learned how to communicate with coworkers, which is crucial in any workplace. I must understand what my colleagues need to support them. When any of my colleagues requested me to source candidates for a new position, I would send them one or two profiles to ensure I’m hitting the right chord. Or else I would be wasting all parties’ time. 


Although we later found out I’m not suitable for the recruiter role, the company offered a marketing associate role. I was grateful because they identify and appreciate my strengths, so I decided to stay and grow along with the company. It’s almost four years now, and I still discover new knowledge and gain new experiences every day. 


For those who are going for internship soon, let’s try to gain as much exposure and experience as you can. Take initiatives to involve yourself in more tasks, be proactive and don’t wait for commands. Think for new ways to innovate the process and present your ideas properly (and humbly) to your coworkers. Three months are very short, make sure you fully utilise the internship program to learn as much as you can. If you perform well, maybe the company will absorb you as a permanent employee! 


PS/ When searching for internships, find for bosses who sincerely want to empower young talents. Look for those companies that will expose you to real projects. 


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